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“We jointly analyzed our RNASeq data created on the Illumina platform, with PHI Tech. The information we need to analyze the results were conveyed in a simple language that we can understand. They also visited our lab and presented us the analysis of our results. We are truly delighted to work with PHI Tech, we will plan our future projects with PHI Tech’s support and I am confident that this collaboration will increase our productivity!”

Batu Erman, Prof. Dr.

Sabancı University

“PHI Tech Bioinformatics is a professional solution partner with academic and reliable structure in our researches. NGS data is no longer scary for us. The company, which is an expert in bioinformatics analysis, presented our results with careful preparation of the time schedule they had promised. At this point, we could complete our project without any time constraints. Working in the same discipline and speaking the same language during the project process provided us to analyze our biological data perfectly. Thanks to the experience of Saliha Durmuş and Tunahan Çakır and the dedication of the whole team, I know that their success will be continuous and I do thank them for their support in our project.”

Hülya Yılmaz Aydoğan, Prof. Dr.

 Istanbul University

“The company led by Saliha and Tunahan is a very good example of how a startup founded by academicians make us feel safe and comfortable. PHI Tech company is one of the best options for you to work with and to receive most proper service as it employs talented people in Bioinformatics area. Their work ethics and disciplined approach helped us to complete challenging projects in a shorter time than we had imagined. We do thank them for this exciting and educational experience. We are eagerly waiting to work together with PHI Tech in new projects, again.”

Özlem Timirci Kahraman, PhD

Istanbul University

“I had the chance to get to know Assoc. Dr. Tunahan Çakır at the first invitation to the university. His warmth and determination did not run out of sight. In a short time, we were able to recognize the young and dynamic team of PHI Tech and establish a partnership in a project in another seminar. They made bioinformatics analysis of our work with a great emphasis on mathematics and evaluated them in all directions so that we could get fast and accurate results. Thanks, PHI Tech!”

Güldal İnal Gültekin, Assoc. Dr.

İstanbul University